Ttsan Equation Card (Task Control)


Ttsan Equation Card

在本主題中創建管理目標的原則中,前提是在形成目標時,會出現許多必須考慮的附加條件。 而且,一般來說,形成目標的方法是這樣的,原則上,目標是一個人知道的,但必須正確定義。 必須確保目標在控制環境中具有魯棒性,優先拯救世界,然後是任務。

In the very principle of creating a management goal in this topic, provided that when forming a goal, many additional conditions arise that must be taken into account. And, generally speaking, the method of forming a goal is such that, in principle, as a rule, the goal is known to a person, but it must be correctly defined. It is necessary to ensure that the target will be robust in the control environment with priority, saving the world and then the task.