The URI light


The URI light

The URI light系列是獨特的LED燈泡,配合簡約、柔和的線條創造的照明效果。 “URI”這個詞是希臘文,意思是神的光。 受到空間和行星美妙的啟發,我們希望把光源帶到不同的層面。

LED燈泡不再是舊有時尚。 它具有實用功能、壽命長並且節能,是引以為傲的優質產品,經得起時間的考驗,最適合家庭、辦公室、餐廳或任何室內便用。

The URI light collection are a series of unique LED bulbs with simple, soft and minimalist lines that create remarkable lighting effects. The word, “URI” refers to God’s light in Greek. Inspired by the spectacular of space and the beauty of planets, we want to bring the lighting source to a different level.

LED light bulb is no longer old fashion. It can have a fashionable, glamorous outlook with its practical function, long life spanning and energy saving.These are quality products that we are proud of and will stand the test of time, and best fit with your home, office, restaurants or any interior projects.