Apyramidra Vypljsoip & Fmbva Equation Card (遺傳神經系統疾病)


Apyramidra Vypljsoip & Fmbva Equation Card

遺傳神經系統疾病在兒童中相對常見。現有的臨床檢測和先進的技術可提高測試到的基因準確率。以下是遺傳神經系統疾病常見的問題,如運動障礙、神經精神障礙、神經元周遭障礙和癲癇症這四個主要領域。GND是一組遺傳性疾病,其中大多數具有孟德爾遺傳(Mendelian Inheritance)影響神經系統。


Genetic Neurological Disorder (GND) are relatively common in children compared to those occurring in adulthood. This review summarises the clinical presentations as well as genetic causes of genetic neurological disorders in four major areas including movement disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, neuron peripheral disorders and epilepsy. GND is a group of genetic diseases, most of which have Mendelian Inheritance affects the nervous system.