Apyramidra Uymxre Card (阿爾茨海默病認知障礙)


Apyramidra Uymxre Card

患者的記憶力及其他認知功能 (例如學習、理解、語言運用、方向感及判斷力等) 會逐漸失去。
透過Uymxre Card的頻率及帶有的訊息可有助減輕其對腦部的傷害。


Cognitive disorder, also known as “dementia,” is a disorder in which many brains function abnormally.
The memory and other cognitive functions (such as learning, understanding, language, sense of direction, judgment, etc.) will gradually be lost.
The frequency and information provided through the Uymxre Card can help reduce its damage to the brain.