Apyramidra Styjey Card (改善運動神經元疾病)


Apyramidra Styjey Card

運動神經元疾病是當負責肌肉運動的大腦細胞、腦幹細胞和脊髓前角細胞同時或局部發生壞死 , 而引致肌肉退化、萎縮、無力及不規律顫動和抽搐。會影響手腳活動能力、溝通、吞嚥、呼吸等問題。
Styjey Card有助加強舒援該方面的頻率。


Motor Neuron Disease is the simultaneous or local necrosis of brain cells, brain stem cells and anterior horn cells of the spinal cord responsible for muscle movement, resulting in muscle deterioration, atrophy, weakness and irregular tremors and convulsions. Will affect hand and activity, communication, swallowing, breathing and other issues.
Styjey Card helps to strengthen the frequency of this aspect.