Apyramidra® Rhoff Egg (18k金吊飾)


Apyramidra® Rhoff Egg

Apyramidra Rhoff Egg是生命的象征,它體現了生命循環中重生和復興的理念,也體現在它的形状上,既不開始也不結束。
Apyramidra Rhoff Egg會創造有一個獨特的空間量子區域,其中物質的密度或時空的曲率變得無限。在這一點上,整個時空破裂的结構以及愛因斯坦廣義相對論的戒律已經不再適用,有毒的地球能源網絡將被消除。
不佩戴時,只需把18K黄金的Apyramidra Rhoff Egg垂直掛在房間裡,可產生有益的和諧共振振動,對風濕病、呼吸系統疾病、腎臟疾病、内分泌失調、神經系统疾病、精神病、延緩衰老等有極大幫助。


An egg already played a symbolic role in the Egyptian myth of Creation. Romans used eggs as a burial offering. The custom of giving eggs as gifts continues today, especially at Easter, the celebration of resurrection and the awakening of nature. Apyramidra® Rhoff Egg became a symbol of life because it encloses nascent life to emerge from it. It embodies the idea of rebirth and rejuvenation in the cycle of life, reflected also in its shape, with neither beginning nor end.
Within the Apyramidra® Rhoff Egg, there is a unique quantum region of space where the density of matter, or the curvature of space-time, becomes infinite and the concepts of space and time cease to have any meaning. At this point, the whole fabric of space-time ruptures and the precepts of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity (and physics in general) break down and no longer apply, similar to the way in which a calculator returns an error when asked to divide by zero. The toxic earth energy grids such as Curry Grids and Hartmann Grids networks would be eliminated while the Apyramidra® Rhoff Egg hanging by its ring vertically in the room.
According to general relativity, the Big Bang started with a singularity, and there is a singularity at the center of a black hole.
In 18K gold, the Apyramidra® Rhoff Egg has beneficial resonance vibrations in following bodily conditions:
Rheumatic Diseases
Respiratory Diseases
Diseases of the Kidneys
Endocrine Disorders
Neurological Diseases
Psychiatric Disorders