Apyramidra Qlwssisw Card (老年耳聾)


Apyramidra Qlwssisw Card

老年性耳聾是與年齡有關的聽力損失,人體隨著年齡增長會出現一系列衰老現像,老年性耳聾是因為聽覺系統衰老而引發的聽覺功能障礙。這是耳蝸、內耳或聽覺神經的相關結構退化引起的,是不可逆轉與年齡相關的雙側感音神經性聽力損失。 聽力損失在較高頻率時最為明顯。


Presbycusis is age-related hearing loss, is the cumulative effect of aging on hearing. It is a progressive and irreversible bilateral symmetrical age-related sensorineural hearing loss resulting from degeneration of the cochlea or associated structures of the inner ear or auditory nerves. The hearing loss is most marked at higher frequencies.