Apyramidra Ojo Card (改善便秘)


Apyramidra Ojo Card

糞便是排泄物,不要留在身體過長時間,人體的腸胃不停蠕動,把所吃的食物向前推進,同時進行消化和吸收。當排便出現問題而導致便秘會引致頭痛、精神不振、痔瘡惡化、腹脹或腹痛等現象 。Ojo Card有效加強排便這方面的頻率。


The feces are excrement. Don’t stay in the body for a long time. The gut of the human body keeps moving, pushing the food forward and digesting and absorbing it. When there is a problem with bowel movements, constipation can cause headaches, lack of energy, worsening acne, bloating or abdominal pain. The Ojo Card effectively enhances the frequency of defecation.