Apyramidra Hathorra Card (哈托爾拉 – 提升女性魅力)


Apyramidra Hathorra Card

哈托爾是古埃及女神,是愛神、美神、富裕之神、舞蹈之神、音樂之神合一。哈托爾關懷蒼生,同情死者,同時也是母親和兒童的保護神。Hathorra Card帶有知性的女性頻率,在產生共振後,使用者將散發著該特質,引人喜愛。


Hathor is an ancient Egyptian goddess, a god of love, a god of beauty, a god of wealth, a god of dance, and a god of music. Hathor cares about the people, sympathizes with the dead, and is also the protector of mothers and children. The Hathorra Card has an intellectual frequency of women, and after the resonance occurs, the user will disseminate the traits of female intellectuality and be fascinating.