Apyramidra Abugsjmnn Card (Total Recall)


Apyramidra Abugsjmnn Card

暢銷書《前世今生》、《生命輪回》等指出輪迴是一個過程,人死去以後,「識」會離開人體,經過一些過程後進入另一個剛剛出生的新生命體內,郤失去了之前的經歷和記憶,每次重新再來。我們在此生遇上的人、事、物、關係,包括經濟狀況,都與累世的業力結下了不解之緣,對於此生的障礙,Abugsjmnn Card把累世經驗呈現,這種「覺察」讓我們"記起"我們本來未被發現的才華及能力,讓我們回溯我們深藏的智慧和經歷,避免重複犯錯,停止模式的循環,並有助發掘人類本來的才華及能力,帶來永續的改變。


The best-selling books “Many Lives, Many Masters” and “Through Time Into Healing” pointed out that reincarnation is a process. After a person dies, “consciousness” leaves the human body and enter another newly born new life after a certain process. However, the previous experience and memory are lost, and reappears every time. Abugsjmnn Card presents the experience of many generations. This kind of “awareness” allows us to go back to our deep knowledge and experience, avoid repeating mistakes, stop the cycle of patterns, and help discover the original talents and abilities of human beings, and bring about permanent changes.