Lcyo Equation Card (21 Frequencies)


Lcyo Equation Card

The 21 Frequencies and Their Attributes
Frequency One
Color: Red-gold
Attributes: This frequency enhances the energy of the body and vitalizes the body
as a whole. It brings information into cellular structures; streamlines the flow of
information in the energetic matrix; and also brings energy and enthusiasm to
your thoughts, emotions, or situations. Frequency one is warm or hot and often
intense in nature.

Frequency Two
Color: Electric blue or blue-white
Attributes: Electrical in nature, this frequency governs anything having to do with
the nervous system and/or the adaptations made because of it. This works through
the nervous system and the polarities and dualities of experience. By inverting the
frequency, excess energy can be reversed or cancelled out. Inverted, this is useful
for insomnia and ADD.

Frequency Three
Color: Rose/pink/scarlet
Attributes: This frequency feels very enveloping and loving, with a magnetic or ema-
nating quality It is harmonizing and balancing, and it gives a sense of a rotation of
energy Its energy is perpendicular to the energy of frequency two, and together they
join in a figure-eight relationship, creating electromagnetism.

Frequency Four
Color: Brown/black
Attributes: This frequency aids in the physical restructuring of muscle, bone, tendons,
joints, and fascia. It can be applied to aches and pains like a salve, and it is also ground-
ing. The color may manifest as dark and crystalline, like instant coffee granules.

Frequency Five
Color: Rose pink
Attributes:This frequency is a universal love essence, warm and personal like a moth-
ers love. It affects intercellular communication, interacting with all the systems in
your body, as well as your activities, thoughts, and feelings.

Frequency Six
Color: Clear with highlights of blue and green; also emerald green
Attributes: This frequency is related to the womb of creation, and it works on issues
of ancestral healing as well as our own in-utero patterns and experiences. Comforting
and soothing, watery and gel-like in appearance, this frequency is useful for dissolv-
ing longstanding emotional and mental traumas. It has been used to heal tumors,
which are essentially embryonic tissue.

Frequency Seven
Color: Burnt orange/earth tones
Attributes: This frequency can be thought of as a life-force battery for depleted states.
It is both grounding and detoxifying, and it affects the relationship between the
physical body and the emotions. Useful for endocrine adaptations to emotion and
regulation of hormones, and in transforming cellular memory of deep emotion, par-
ticularly fear. Related to kidney chi; warming.

Frequency Eight
Color: Iridescent/mother-of-pearl
Attributes: Eight represents the integration of the previous seven frequencies. On
a personal level, it brings integration to experiences, activities, and understanding.
Unity, balance, and flow are the keywords. This frequency moves long-term habits,
personality, and emotional structures as they relate to soul evolution.

Frequency Nine
Color: Translucent
Attributes: Distincdy different from all other frequencies, frequency nine can be thought
of as a ‘spiritual cleanser.” It cleans the spiritual essence of the body and defrags the spiritual hard drive. This energy is a fast-moving, intense, animated intelligence that clears the
body of accumulated energetic interference patterns. It is used for clearing entities, aberrant mental thought forms, curses, and interpersonal energetic interactions.

Frequency Ten
Color: Translucent or metallic red
Attributes: This frequency is the mirror image of frequency five, representing protective father energy. The warrior aspect of love, it is discriminating and dividing, and its love
is like a shield. A powerful yet surprisingly gentle energy which gives strength and
resolve, it permeates the aura, physical body, emotions, and mental body.

Frequency Eleven
Color: Woodland green
Attributes: Mothering and nurturing, like a tropical rain forest, this frequency is the
antidote to living in a concrete jungle. It has the energy of a nurturing earth mother,
and it helps drop blood pressure, regulate heart beat, and bring warmth to the body.

Frequency Twelve
Color: Oily black
Attributes: This frequency governs the repair of the body’s energy centers, swirling
into these vortexes to cleanse the chakras and remove debris from energetic patterns.
It often appears as a thick, viscous fluid.

Frequency Thirteen
Color: Crystalline, like quartz
Attributes: Crystalline in color and feel, this frequency is a component of the DNA
morphogenetic field surrounding organisms and species, with the DNA serving as
the antennae that patterns information from the field into physical expression. This
energy interfaces with a template just beyond the physical and restructures the fields
that influence our genetic template.

Frequency Fourteen
Color: Obsidian black, moss green
Attributes:This cooling, soothing frequency is almost homeopathic in its effect, detoxi-
fying the energy field and changing the vibrations of the physical cellular template. It
works on the “basement” of the cellular matrix, evoking change from the bottom up.

Frequency Fifteen
Color: Vibrant emerald or teal
Attributes: This frequency governs the flow of information through hormonal and
circulatory systems, and it rearranges the magnetic, electrical, and biochemical strat-
egies of the body. Interfacing with circulation, the endocrine system, and cellular
communication, fifteen clears the physical circuitry and can be very useful for bal-
ancing hormones and the states they produce.

Frequency Sixteen
Color: No color
Attributes: This is the frequency of unconditional love. When it manifests, it often
involves the experience of dolphins and whales. It sometimes carries ocean shades
of gray, blue, and green. This frequency is joyful, playful, non-judgmental, relaxing,
calming, and grounding. It is useful for clearing inappropriate emotions and for
working with emotional states, including depression and loss. Comforting, loving,
and funny, it brings new perspectives and awareness.

Frequency Seventeen
Color: Golden, grid-like
Attributes: This frequency is used in the functional physiology, anatomical, and the
biochemical processes of the body. It affects systemic processes of the body, and it
appears as self-intelligent lattices of interlocking grids. This frequency moves the
assemblage point. It may appear as self-intelligent golden interlocking grids.

Frequency Eighteen
Color: Red-brown
Attributes: This frequency can awaken involuntary yoga or T’ai Chi types of move-
ments and contortions. It is linked to trance states, the rising of the kundalini, and
crown chakra expansion. This pre-physical, primordial consciousness induces invol-
untary motions and recalibrates the physical body. Frequency eighteen often interacts
with frequency seventeen.

Frequency Nineteen
Color: Luminescent gold or yellow
Attributes: Nineteen is useful for reigniting the divine spark and accessing soul com-
munion. It brings profound inner rest and stillness, and it allows you to experience
deep meditative states without the practice of meditation. It allows you to experi-
ence the unified field, inverts pathological patterns of information, and re-establishes
divinity within patterns of disease.

Frequency Twenty
Color: Quartz white
Attributes: Crystalline in nature, this frequency contains quantum states of informa-
tion. It cleanses chakras, meridians, spaces, and emotions, and it heals the crystal
matrices of the body, reconnecting the heart and mind. It can instantly transform so-
called negative vibrations. Programmable, with an independent intelligence, it may
also be able to magnify other frequencies.

Frequency Twenty-One
Color: White
Attributes: Useful in exploring inner space, this frequency can bring instantaneous
journeys, including lucid dreaming and travel to shamanic worlds. It is associated
with multidimensional layers of consciousness, parallel universes, soul retrieval, and
space/time travel. This frequency is helpful for retrieving information from the field
and for communing with spirit entities.