Apyramidra case study for last-stage experiments in lung cancer:

Mr. Zhou, 82, of Taiwan, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in August last year. From August to December, he was unable to get out of bed on his own. He could only lie in bed under the care of medical staff and his family.
From December 20th, Apyramidra Earth Bagua was used on the bedside (see Figure 1). One day later, on December 21st, Mr. Zhou got out of bed for the first time on this day! (Figure 2 shows his daughter Miss Zhou’s thanks and testimony to DR. James Wong)
Thank you to Miss Zhou for sharing.

BioRetrix Card is not a substitute for any medical diagnosis or treatment. It assists the self-healing function of the human information energy system. Under any condition, Apyramdira products are not substitute for professional medical care.

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