Azmuya Card (Autism)

Hello Dr. James, hope you are enjoying your weekend! I want to show you something that Nathan drew today at dinner time in a restaurant in Shenzhen. We were a party of five and sat down at a rectangular table inside the restaurant. Our two friends sat on their own seat on one side of the table and my husband, Nathan and I sat at the other side on a long bench. On our side, we were able to see a sign on the wall that says “Grandma’s style since 1998”. The reason I gave you all these details is because I was able to see them in Nathan’s drawing. What I have to tell you now is Nathan doesn’t draw. He loved to think that he was drawing and he would tell me he was drawing train stations, like train maps. Every time is the same thing, no exception. The truth is, most of the time his drawing just end up being a messy piece with lines or letters that makes no sense to me. For the past 11 years, he wasted so many papers because I don’t want to deprive him from the one thing that gave him joy. I sometimes feel bad throwing away all his works into the trash. Anyway, today was a special day for me because Nathan made me think about his drawing. I looked at it again back home and realised for the first time he drew something that he saw right in front of him. He was not in his own world. He was in our world!

Nathan’s messy drawing on the left and the one he did today on the right
It wasn’t good but I can see what he wants to draw

Is this magic! I love it!!!
It’s amazing! I don’t think I can explain this to anyone. Maybe I’ll just say someone showed us the magic of light
As a mom, I was impress when I saw it at the restaurant but didn’t think too much about it because afterall it was a babyish drawing. It was after I went home at night, when everyone was in bed, I started thinking about it. I try so hard to find some of his drawing for the past few days. Then I started feeling amazed

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