Apyramidra Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Dedicated to the markethigh-qualityality fish production, since 2015 Apyramidra to Malaysia’s fish farms field visits, for energy testing and technical guidance. Apyram Solutions™ focuses on pond construction and pond management and the use of Apyramidra Solutions™ to create a harmonious energy environment for the market without any chemicals and artificial hormones cultured natural high-quality seafood.

Apyramidra Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Not pollution to the environment, also greatly enhance the survival rate of fish production and production, Apyramidra Solutions™ is a natural and environmentally friendly farming methods.

Fish farming can be combined with agriculture, animal husbandry and irrigation practices, which can lead to better utilisation of local re- sources and ultimately to higher production and net profits. This practice is called ‘Natural farming’.

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