The body is an electromagnetic field. The cells and all substances in the human body have energy and corresponding frequencies. When our energy is insufficient, the power of the human body’s magnetic field is not enough, which can easily lead to depression, virus invasion, and physical health. Detecting your own energy, knowing the energy situation of the organs in your body, doing conditioning in advance and matching your diet can restore the balance of energy in your body!

Energy = Qi = Magnetic Field = Life Force The energy center of the human body has 7 chakras (chakra) with subtle pulse waves sent from the twelve meridians to the nervous system, gland system and various body organs, mainly affecting the human spirit, Mental, physical and health status. Through the camera of the bio-energy instrument, the ten fingers are photographed, and the energy level of the internal organs is known, and then the health of the body is understood.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian scientist, invented a camera that can display the energy of animals and plants on the machine. Colors emerge, and energy images are captured to understand the condition of our bodies.


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