ARAKARA Stay Young Pendant (「阿拉卡拉」保持青春吊坠)


ARAKARA Stay Young Pendant

这受版权保护的设计结合了该数字序列,切出的 ARAKARA 单词 和用上了宇宙测量的环形形状。当吊坠暴露在环境中时使,用者将保持年轻。戴在颈上或用作钱包饰物。您将爱上所带来的效果。



This copyrighted design combines the numeric sequences, the cut out word ARAKARA and the ring shape using universe measurements. When the pendant is exposed to the environment, the user will stay young. Wear it on your neck or use it as a purse accessory. You will love the results!

Size: Outer diameter is about 26mm