Qrrekq Equation Card (六邪)


Qrrekq Equation Card

以上所讲的燥和热都是属於脏腑气血功能失调所产生的内生五邪(five endogenous factors),令外还有内风丶内寒丶内湿,它们都是由内而生,与外感之邪有性质上的相似,却有病因上的区别。
外感六淫(six exogenous factors),意思是六个外在的致病因素。它们分别为风(wind),暑(summer heat),湿(damp),燥(dryness),寒(cold),热 / 火(heat / fire)。


Wind(風), cold(寒), heat(暑), damp(濕), dryness(燥), fire(火), Under normal circumstances, which are six different kinds of climate changes in nature. When the climate changes suddenly or the body’s resistance drops, 六氣(Six Qi) has become a disease-causing factor, making people sick. If they are excessive, they will become 6 unhealthy influences causing illness in TCM called Six Exogenous Factors.