Apyramidra Harmony Pendant (和谐能量吊咀)


Apyramidra Harmony Pendant

和谐能量吊咀能在环境中创造和谐系统,建立无限的和谐结构,从一座标展开成时空结构。和谐能量咀吊将你连接到所有存在层面:心理丶情感和身体。 它可以帮助您接受及使用人类能量系统与大自然中各层面之间的联系,达至改善痛症丶清理阻塞能量。


A way to achieve a system of creative harmonious development is that you establish harmony as an infinite structure in your environment, spreading from a reference point to the time-space structure. The Harmony Pendant connects you to all Levels of Existence: Mental, Emotional and Physical. It helps you accept and utilise the connection between the human energy system and nature, so as to improve pain and clear blocked energy.