Ahrn Equation Card (精神)


Ahrn Equation Card

Ahrn 方程描述了情緒、感覺和思想心理學、感知和感覺心理學的標準(正常化)。 因此,通過將 Ahrn 方程分配合一個人的身體物質,就有可能擁有一種心理學方法,即永恆的主要規律發展基礎材料,這些規律包括所有生命的不朽、復活,並以這領域提供一個人一生的事業。


The Ahrn Equation describes the standard (norm) of psychology of emotions, feelings and thoughts, psychology of perception and sensations. Thus, by assigning the Ahrn Equation to the physical matter of a person’s body, it is possible to have a method of psychology the main laws of eternal development materials, the laws which comprise immortality of all live, resurrection and provide it in the sphere of life’s work of a person.