Stephen Lau 使用身體器官自我修復及功能改善咭(BioretrixCard)的經驗

•晝夜使用Apyramidra Tjlir卡。

My experience of using Apyramidra Tjlir Card 
Since June 2019 until February 2020, I have been suffering from dizziness almost daily and vertigo several times.  I have been admitted into casualty three times including one time in China. 
You could imagine how my daily life was affected.  I could only lie down or sleep in bed most of the time. 
I have consulted three different ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialists,  heart specialist (including MRI on my neck and brain), Government Arrhythmia specialist, private hospital Hearing specialists and two Chinese Herbalists. No causes were found and situation remained. 
In February 2020, I have done the following four things almost at the same time. 
 • Taking gastrodia (a kind of Chinese herb) daily. 
 • Using Peppermint aromatherapy daily bought by my daughter. 
 • Using Apyramidra Tjlir Card day and night. 
 • Pray to God for a miracle.

Since then, my dizziness has gone something like overnight and no more vertigo.  
As a Christian, I thank God for His healing in ways of using Angels around me, such as Dr James Wong and the Card. 
My understanding of the Card. 
I do believe there may be some invisible energies in this universe good to various organs and their functions of human bodies. 
How to make use of these energies into our bodies? One typical example is : the sunbeam may have many energies and we can only absorb a few not all. Vegetables absorb sunbeam to have photosynthesis. We then eat vegetables to absorb their nutrients to become our energies.
This card, I believe, is a medium to drive the energies in the universe for use of our organs.  Different card may serve different purpose. 
According to Dr Wong, this is not superstition. This is a science which can be proved by calculation of which a layman like me can understand.


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