4 thoughts on “Bioretrix 用家實驗分享:

  1. Michelle says:

    If I want to use this set of 4 cards for elderly. Should I print out 4 photos and use these 4 cards to put on top of each card or I should overlap all these 4 photos on top of one photo? Pls advise

    • sunday says:

      You should use 4 photos or use 2 photos
      If you use 2 photos 1 set is Amunra Card + Taura Card
      1 set is Rejuvenation Card + Nugnokve Card

      • Michelle says:

        Thanks. For the set of 1 set is Rejuvenation Card + Nugnokve Card. Which card should face the picture and the other one should be beneath the blank page of the photo.


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