Zdge Equation Card (成功廣義)


Zdge Equation Card

人群聚集,引至各式各樣的需求的範圍極其廣泛。它正在以大數量增加並變得越來越複雜。根據人群的目標,產生出來的永恆發展的經濟,以滿足需求的方法,需要有一定擴展創造性和可再生方法,這是非常重要的。以這種方式生活,人要正面的考慮一個不爭的事實 – Zdge 方程式提供人們對成功的需求,支持無盡和不斷的經濟增長。


Aggregation of people demands is extremely wide. It is numerously increasing and becoming more and more complicated. In accordance with its aim, it is important for economy of eternal development to expand methods of creative and renewable fulfilment of demands. In such manner an indisputable fact is being considered – Zdge Equation provides successes in endlessness and constant growth of people’s necessity.