Quggsinco Door Set 締造你的幸福之門


可惜現今的大門的方位不易於更改,而秉承我們的宗旨「改善生活品質.優化環境.提升身心靈」,我們致力投入研發這個「門」這個項目,通過長時間不斷的試驗,我們終於成功研究出 Quggsinco Door set。
Quggsinco Door set 猶如一道過濾網,能阻隔污穢之氣、不利之物,輕易隔絕不合適的能量在門外,同時把有益、和諧、合適的能量引入室內,令室內環境能量豐盈,令人身心舒暢、心情開朗,從而改善情緒以及其他健康問題,辦事更得心應手;同時,此後空間便能夠藏風聚氣、八方來財,一舉多得;生活更幸福美滿。
Door, where people enter and exit. In the ancient literature, “Door” is extended from “gate” to ” path” and “key”.
Door is an air intake port of the house, the gateway to the outside world, at the same time, they can block out unwanted elements.
Ancient people had done many studies on the orientation of the door. A door with a proper orientation can energize the space and make it vibrant. Once a person’s vital energy (Prana/Qi) is intact, he or she will be fortunate and have prosperity in all matters. If the orientation is wrong, the space will be stagnant and lack of vitality, people will always feel exhausted, and it will be difficult to gather wealth.
As it is hard to change the orientation of the door, in line with our mission, “Improve the quality of life, Optimize the environment, Enhance health and minds”, we have developed the Quggsinco Door Set after a series of testing and refinement.
The Quggsinco Door Set acts as a barrier, filtering out negative energy and transforming any entrance into a “Door of Happiness”. Once installed, it rejuvenates the interior atmosphere, promoting a sense of relaxation and joy. Not only enhancing one’s mental and physical well-being, it also aligns everything harmoniously. In addition, the space becomes optimized for storing Bio-energy, drawing prosperity and ensuring overall happiness and contentment in life.
How to use: Stick the outer and inner door pieces on the left and right corners of the upper door frame, and stick the door ruler on the lower part of the door.