Etfup Equation Card (Egregores)


Etfup Equation Card

Egregores被Charles Baudelair形容為我們背後巨大的嵌合體(Chimeras),它會拖垮我們並以我們的能量為食糧,但我們仍將它視為自身的自然組成部分,多麼荒謬。
Egregores最初是為了幫助人們共同生活和繁榮而創建的, 如今Egregores已逐漸衰落,對我們產生負面影響。


Egregores are what was described by Charles Baudelaire as huge Chimeras on our backs, which pull us down and feed on our energy, but which we nevertheless consider to be a natural part of ourselves. Only looking from the outside of the system helps us to understand how ridiculous that believe is.
The egregore of the modern society, which was originally created to help people live together and prosper together, is now decaying, which has a negative influence on all people who are connected to it.