Dnenen Equation Card (Earth Medicine)


Dnenen Equation Card

地球醫學是人體所有康復 、解決疾病和/預防疾病的基礎,其中包括營養保健品、草藥、營養物質和最佳生活方式的信息。地球醫學是地球科學、心理學、醫學、靈性、農業、建築和規劃的總稱。當今我們物種最需要的是重新連接到我們在全球生物圈內適當、相對和相關的位置。地球醫學是一種積極的方法,可以支持適當的可持續技術並拒絕減少生物多樣性或社會責任的技術或行為。
Earth Medicine is the foundation for all healing of the body, resolve disease and/or prevent the onset of disease with information from nutraceuticals, herbal medicines, nutrients and optimum lifestyle practices. Earth Medicine works from the premise that what is most needed for our species today is a reconnection to our appropriate, relative, and relevant place within the global biosphere. Earth Medicine is an active way to support appropriate sustainable technology and reject technology or behavior that diminishes biological diversity or social justice.