Apyramidra Xlubmaxzmana Card (腦神經-情緒)


Apyramidra Xlubmaxzmana Card

Xlubmaxzmana 最初是由 Tony CL Choi 博士進行的一項醫學研究,它具有鎮靜作用,抑制抑鬱、攻擊性、情緒、保護/延緩 神經變異、抗腦炎症和感染性發作,並促進神經元生長。 Xlubmaxzmana Card 中的 BioRetrix 能量同樣有口服藥物效果,但後者需要很長時間和大量資金。


Xlubmaxzmana was originally a medicine research carried out by Dr. Tony CL Choi, it has calming effects suppressing depressions, aggressions, emotions, protecting/delaying neurodegenerations, anti- brain inflammations and infectious attacks, and promotes neuronal growth. The BioRetrix energy from the Xlubmaxzmana Card will also boast the oral drug taking therapy, but the latter will take ages and lots of money.

Dr. Choi’s cooperation with Dr. Wong provides the only vibrational medicine for these difficult to treat acute and chronic neuronal diseases.