Apyramidra® Rejuvenation and EMF Insulation Cap


Apyramidra® Rejuvenation and EMF Insulation Cap AMUNRA

短片內我們使用RF探測器,大家可清楚看到AMUNRA 防幅射能量帽顯著地降低手機頻率。

AMUNRA : “Lord of truth, father of the gods, maker of men, creator of all animals, Lord of things that are, creator of the staff of life.”
Apyramidra® Rejuvenation and EMF Insulation Cap AMUNRA 防幅射能量帽能使你的眉心輪充滿活力及為大腦提供一個安靜的環境。

在這個世界裡我們不斷受到環境的影響,令四周充滿有害的能量。能夠隔絕和消除這些能量,減少對我們的影響是必須的。其中一個來源是電磁場(EMF)的有害輻射,因為我們周圍有著形形色色的電磁場。已有許多人患有輕微甚至強烈的電磁波敏感症(EHS)。當他們暴露於電磁場/電磁輻射下會形成不利健康的影響,甚至失去身體磁場的平衡。每個人的症狀有所不同,取決於他們個人的物理反應,以及電磁波的強度及持續時間。最快的改善方法是讓他們遠離電磁場/電磁輻射來源,特別是當患者遠離電腦、智能電錶、電動車輛、熒光照明、變壓器、無線天線、電池及無線電話、電器以及手機塔、電器變電站和電力線路。因為所有從這些來源發出的電磁場 /電磁輻射都是高於正常的水平。但當他們從回輻射環境後,症狀會重演,隨著時間,敏感度更會增加。法國的感應力學科學家在這個領域進行了廣泛的研究,並通過他們的研究發現了一些有益的能量。 黃永豪博士(Dr. Ir. James Wong)的研究建立在他們的基礎之上,發現了有助於生物能量協調的能量。 因此金字塔生物科技電波安全帽(Apyramidra® Rejuvenation and EMF Insulation Cap)設計中包含EMF絕緣和有益的幾何結構。

Apyramidra® Rejuvenation and EMF Insulation CapIn a world where we are continuously impacted by the environment, often in negative ways, it would be ideal to be able to insulate and neutralize those negative energies to reduce their effects on us. One such source is harmful radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF) since there are numerous electric fields around us all the time. There are many people are minor or strong electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and demands protection. The biological effects from exposure to EMF/EMR include both adverse health effects and loss of homeostasis and well-being. Symptoms vary from people to people depending on their physical biology and exposure intensity and duration. Symptoms quickly improve when away from EMF/EMR sources, particularly when the patient moves away from computers, smart meters, electric vehicles, fluorescent lighting, transformers, wireless antenna, cell and cordless phones, appliances and out of proximity to cell phone towers, electrical substations and power lines. All these are potential sources of higher than normal EMF/EMR exposure. Symptoms recur on returning to the irradiated environment. Over time, sensitivity is increased to smaller and smaller EMF/EMR exposures. The Radiesthesia scientists of France performed extensive studies in this field and discovered certain beneficial energies through their tools. Dr. Ir. James Wong built upon their work and found the rejuvenation energies contribute to harmonization in biological beings. Through extensive experiments, Dr. Ir. James Wong has been able to incorporate the required EMF insulation and beneficial geometry in the design of Apyramidra® Rejuvenation and EMF Insulation Cap.