Apyramidra Motrxwez Card (2型糖尿)


Apyramidra Motrxwez Card

2型糖尿病是一種慢性代謝疾病,患者特徵為高血糖、相對缺乏胰島素、有胰島素抗性等。常見症狀有煩渴、頻尿、不明原因的體重減輕,可能還包括多食、疲倦、或有治不好的痠痛,以上症狀通常會慢慢出現。高血糖帶來的長期併發症包括心臟病、中風、糖尿病視網膜病變,這可能導致失明、腎臟衰竭、甚至四肢血流不順而需要截肢 ;第二型糖尿病患者可能突然發生高滲性高血糖狀態,但併發糖尿病酮酸血症並不常見。

Apyramidra Motrxwez Card的頻率有助改善2型糖尿病。


Type 2 diabetes (T2D), is a form of diabetes that is characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and relative lack of insulin. Common symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, and unexplained weight loss. Symptoms may also include increased hunger, feeling tired, and sores that do not heal. Often symptoms come on slowly. Long-term complications from high blood sugar include heart disease, strokes, diabetic retinopathy which can result in blindness, kidney failure, and poor blood flow in the limbs which may lead to amputations. The sudden onset of hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state may occur; however, ketoacidosis is uncommon.

The frequency of Apyramidra Motrxwez Card helps to improve type 2 diabetes.