Apyramidra Lovz Card(集中意識永遠之法 – 修行、打坐)


Apyramidra Lovz Card

調身、調息、調心(調整自己的身體、呼吸、內心),而使精神統一,讓自己知覺到最真實的自己。當自己的意識與呼吸融為一體後,就會變得身心俱空,從而能夠最本真、最直觀地觀察事物。Lovz Card有助你集中意識,容易進入無我的境界。


Adjust yourself, adjust your interest, adjust your heart (adjust your body, breath, inner heart), and make the spirit unified, let yourself perceive the truest self. When your consciousness and breathing are integrated, you will become physically and mentally free to observe things in the most authentic and intuitive way. Lovz Card helps you to concentrate and easily enter the realm of no self.