Apyramidra Flkotwe Card (胸腺瘤 / 胸腺癌)


Apyramidra Flkotwe Card

胸腺瘤指細胞學上無惡性表現的胸腺上皮細胞腫瘤。雖然各年齡 段均可發生胸腺瘤,但絕大多數是在50~60歲,兒童胸腺瘤非常少見。 胸腺瘤的發生率男女之間的差別不明顯。大約50%胸腺瘤病人無 明顯臨床症狀,多是在胸部X線體檢時被查出腫瘤。 隨着腫瘤增大或腫瘤的外侵,患者的直接表現為局部壓迫症狀。


Thymoma refers to a thymic epithelial cell tumor without cytological manifestations. Although all agesThymomas can occur in all segments, but the vast majority are between 50 – 60 years old, and thymoma in children is very rare.The incidence of thymoma is not significantly different between men and women. About 50% of patients with thymoma have no Obvious clinical symptoms, mostly when the tumor was detected during chest X-ray examination.