Apyramidra Clearing Card (改善痛症、清理阻塞能量)


Apyramidra® Clearing Card

Apyramidra® Clearing Card 是把質量能量平衡技術嵌入了卡中。卡片上的幾何圖案、形狀和圖像有助增強平衡身體能量的效果。我們經過廣泛測試證明能量平衡技術,可以從電磁輻射、結構設計和地磁輻射等來源來轉變環境能量干擾的影響。
Apyramidra® Clearing Card 與信用卡尺寸相同,可以存放在錢包中,以便您隨時感到壓力時使用。它不會影響您的信用卡及手機。當您的家人晚上從公司、學校或購物後回家,在看電視、閱讀或放鬆身體時,是使用Apyramidra® Clearing Card的好時間。
在按摩、針灸治療或測試任何其他增強活力產品的前後,我們也建議使用APYRAMIDRA® CLEARING CARD


The APYRAMIDRA® CLEARING CARD works on the Quality Energy Balancing Technology which has been embedded into the card. The geometry, the shape and the image on the card may enhance the effects of balancing the body’s energy. Our extensively tested energy balancing technology has demonstrated to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, structural design, and earth-energy radiation.
The APYRAMIDRA® CLEARING CARD is the same size as a credit card and can be kept in your wallet so that it can be used at any time when you feel stressed! It does not affect your credit cards or your mobile phone. It is also great to use the in the evening when your whole family return home from work, school, studying or shopping and are sitting down watching TV, reading or relaxing.
Just place the card on your solar plexus for several minutes on top of your clothes with the LOGO facing OUT. The card is designed to resonate with the electromagnetic radiation energies to clear and discharge your body, which may help you feel stress free!
Before and after a massage, acupuncture therapy, transportation, testing any other energetic enhancement products, we recommend using the APYRAMIDRA® CLEARING CARD.