Amunra Equation Card (改善家居環境/個人能量場)



Amunra是指“隱藏的光”。 我們的質量能量平衡(QEB)技術已經嵌入到卡中。 卡片上的幾何圖案,形狀和圖像可增強平衡身體能量的效果。 我們發現從Amunra Equation Card放射的輻射光,它代表了自然與宇宙能量,該卡片有助減少因果效應,呈現出你想要的東西,無論是物質還是內在的。

Amunra Equation Card與信用卡尺寸相同,可以保存在您的錢包中,以便隨時使用。 我們建議放在您的身份證上,將LOGO面向身份證上的照片。

Amunra simply means “Hidden Light”. Our Quality Energy Balancing (QEB) Technology has been embedded into the card. The geometry, the shape and the image on the card may enhance the effects of balancing the body’s energy. We found radiesthesic light radiates from the Amunra Equation Card, it represents the Nature and the Universe, the card may help to reduce karma effects and manifest the things you want, whether they are material or inner in nature.

The AMUNRA EQUATION CARD is the same size as a credit card and can be kept in your wallet so that it can be used at any time. We recommend to keep it with your Identity Card which may have a photograph of yourself, with the LOGO facing the photo all the time.