BioRetrix Solution for 原發性側索硬化症(PLS) Case Sharing:

Mr. Sze was diagnosed as Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) in 2018. In August 2020, the doctor told his family that Mr. Sze was at the end of PLS, his hands and feet had lost mobility, his right lung had lost function, and he would die soon. Then he was referral to Prof. Ir. James Wong for BioRetrix Solution Trials.

Mr. Shi was discharged from the hospital in September 2020 and no longer needs to rely on an oxygen machine.

This is Mr. Shi’s audio and photo records in 2020-2021.

施先生於 2018 年被診斷為原發性側索硬化症 (PLS)。在 2020 年 8 月醫生告訴他的家人,施先生正處於 PLS 末期,手腳已失去活動能力,右邊肺部失去功能,將不久於人世。然後經朋友轉介他給 Prof. Ir. James Wong 進行 BioRetrix Solution 試驗。



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